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Welcome to Super Natural Foods

Supply Chain Specialists


Physical ag-product market making (buy - sell) 

Strategic partner to producers, buyers, key-stakeholders along the supply chain.

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Agriculture Supply Chain

We are supply chain experts who develop and execute Ag solutions. We work with wholesale, retail, pharma, medical, online, government and financial sectors.  A typical assignment involves introducing our clients to farmer (producer) groups, manufacturers, importers/exporters, wholesalers, distributors, pharma, retail & food service customers and investors for successful market activation and long-term growth.  We develop transparent go-to-market strategies for fast and agile opportunity capture.  

Health in Nature

Super Natural Foods believes that the key to a healthy and balanced lifestyle starts with a person’s diet.   That is why we only work with the highest quality products and management teams.  As agriculture supply chain specialists, we choose our clients and projects with fastidious care focusing on solutions for animal, plant based and cellular agriculture.

Best Friends
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Advisory Services

We provide custom business development, commercialization, risk management and M&A advisory services.  Tell us about your business, products and services and we can quickly design a bespoke yet cost effective solution for your enterprise.

What We Do

Centrally located in Chicago, Illinois we trade, merchandise, broker and offer advisory services for food, beverage, agribusiness, healthcare and government channels.

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Supply Chain Portfolio

Gourmet (extended shelf life) foods.
From family-size cases to full truckloads.

Sustainable Seafood
Farm raised Shrimp. Smoked fish , fresh or frozen Copi filets or minced Copi for tacos. ​ From family-size cases to full truckloads

European style Dairy (no growth hormones)
Butter, Cheese, Yogurt, UHT milk.
Bespoke solutions for special needs.

From family-size cases to full truckloads.

Email us.  If we can't provide a quick solution, we can recommend a contact who can. 

3712 N. Broadway Street
Suite 353
Chicago, IL 60613

Tel: 1-312-315-0250

Fax: 1-312-803-9618

Healthy Food
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