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"I would think that there’s some indication with this rapid multistate spread that this thing is airborne."

“We need to think about this potentially being something we have to live with, as being a part of the industry in the future"

“Poultry, for instance has very distinct biosecurity principles they abide by to include lines of separation,” Russo says. “One is they keep the outside world out. Another is their use of PPE (physical protective equipment) to protect employees and also the birds from anything that might be carried onto the farm.”

“Protect yourselves and your people on the dairy. There's been underreporting of the virus. Understandably, there's been a lot of fear. But every dairy that I've worked with has – with the exception of one – had sick human beings at the same time they had sick cows.” 

"Petersen says she has worked with people infected by H5N1 who do not interact with dairy cows. “I'm talking owners and feeders who don't usually touch cows,” she says."



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